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Plovdiv, 1-day Tour
1 Days

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The Old Plovdiv is one of the most romantic and beautiful places

A journey through the centuries


Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s second largest town – a city with a prominent
ancient past, an open – air museum with fascinating architecture. As well as in the narrow center, there is also plenty to see in the Old Town of Plovdiv. There have been preserved Thracian fortifications and Byzantine fortress walls. You’ll be impressed by the narrow cobbled streets which represent the spirit of this place. The Old Plovdiv is one of the most romantic and beautiful places in the world to get lost. Explore the remarkable architectural masterpieces – houses of rich families known as “Plovdiv baroque”, the St.Constantine and Helena Church, one of the oldest churches in the city with magnificent wall paintings and old icons.

Strolling down the hill you will see a splendid Roman theater made of white stone and very good preserved during the centuries. After the walk in the Old Town you can discover the delightful Bulgarian cuisine and wines in a cozy last century house – restaurant. Plovdiv is also known for its spring and autumn international fairs.
In 35 km from Plovdiv is the famous Bachkovo Monastery (11th c.) – the second largest in Bulgaria. It’s nestled amidst the slopes of the Rhodope Mountains nearby. The monastery is interesting with the painted walls of the old church dating from 1083, with the Holy Virgin Church /16-17th c./ and the famous “miracle” icon of the Mother of God / 14th c./. The monastery is one of the richest galleries of traditional Bulgarian religious art with exquisite murals and medieval paintings.